Library Residence in Eibau

The Library Residence of Eibau, located in Upper Lusatia, Saxony, former GDR, is a former library turned into a writer residence.

It is intended for at least two weeks' creative work, and suits for writers, translators, researchers, artists, photographers, architects and other professionals who want to focus on starting a larger project or deepen into an existing one at a workdesk.

The Library Residence is open from the beginning of March to the end of October but also winter periods are possible if needed.

Focus on creative work in a peaceful and inspiring environment

The residence package includes an apartment (on the first or second floor of the house) , work space and wi-fi.

More information

Relax at an open air swimming pool

The open air swimming pool of Eibau is next to the library residence and offers a possibility for daily swimming.

See three countries

Eibau is located in the corner of three countries, ca. three miles away from Czech and ca. 13 miles away from Poland. Among the creative work, it is easy to go trekking, ride a bike or make day or two-day trips to cities such as Dresden, Leipzig, Görlitz, Liberec and Prague.

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